Global Provider of Engineering Services Redeploys 4,000 Pieces of Furniture



Removal of furnishings from approximately 100 offices, conference room, and break rooms in a six hour timeframe.

Material Composition:

Desks, bookcases, file cabinets, seating, conference room furniture, break room equipment, and miscellaneous office furnishings.


Urban high-rise office building.


As a global provider of professional technical and management support services, this company has long been committed to sustainability. In September 2015, their Oakland offices were faced with a tight schedule for re- location to newly expanded office space. The move involves furniture redeployment and surplus furniture excess. In accordance with company environmental policy a solution was needed that would save 30 tons of surplus furniture from the landfill.

The company reached out to IRN for assistance. IRN’s mission is to provide options for reuse and/or recycling of excess furniture and related assets, with the goal of Zero Landfill. IRN evaluated the client’s inventory against its network of charitable partners and determined that almost all of the surplus furnishings could be placed for reuse.


The total inventory of 4,000 items was located on the 18th and 19th floors. The timeframe for redeployment of surplus was less than 24 hours, including a seven hour window for loading four tractor trailers with 686 surplus items. Time and volume were the looming challenges. Bulky furnishings had to be packed with optimum trailer utilization and very quick load times in order to avoid trucking de- lay costs.

With only two elevators to work with, movers relocated the redeployed furniture to the new building area from Friday night until Saturday morning. The first truck for the surplus furniture arrived Saturday at noon. An 18 person crew pushed furniture from the staging area to the street for loading. The next two trucks arrived at about 2:00 pm and were simulta- neously loaded. The final truck arrived two hours later. By 7:00 pm the project was complete. All trucks were packed tightly with a mix of furniture that was highly desirable to the receiving non-profit organizations.


Item Count Weight (lbs)
Desks 58 10,061
Bookcases 112 7,875
Caster Chairs 121 4,114
Side Chairs 30 990
Stacking Chairs 37 629
File Cabinets 218 23,674
Tables 3 433
Office Supplies 7 735
Other Storage 81 8,780
Other Seating 6 705
Other 13 506
Totals: 686 58,502


Managua, Nicaragua

IRN charitable partner Food for the Poor provides desks, seating, tables, and storage furniture for schools, homes, orphanages and clinics. A shipment of 175 items was sent to Nicaragua.

California Charter Schools

With declining budgets and rising enrollment, charter schools are taking an innovative approach to furnishing classrooms, offices, and common areas. Two shipments totaling 342 items were sent to a charter school in Acton, Ca.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat ReStores sell repurposed furniture at low cost to help low income families furnish their homes and to support Habitat’s mission to provide decent and affordable shelter. One shipment was sent from AECOM to a Habitat ReStore in Clovis, Ca.


“I am very happy to have found a solid resource that not only recycles, but whom works with a network of global charities to put excess office product to practicable use. IRN is truly one of those hidden gems.”

Regional Facilities Manager, Pacific Region

Americas Real Estate Services