Recipient Services

IRN works with a growing network of more than 100 nonprofits, ranging from Habitat for Humanity ReStores and local furniture banks to major international charities. We provide them with the furnishings that are desperately needed in the communities they serve, in the U.S. and around the world.

IRN provides these furnishings at zero cost to our nonprofit partners. As an IRN partner you pay only for transportation from the generator’s project site to your location or the destination you specify

We assure that the furnishings are packed efficiently, arrive in good condition, and are accompanied by required U.S. or international documentation. We can supply as little as a truckload or hundreds of truckloads a year.

Who are Recipients?

  • International and domestic charities that use IRN furnishings to support their mission in  disaster relief and economic assistance
  • Charter, public, tribal and other independent schools who can furnish their spaces at essentially zero cost, releasing funds for other urgent priorities.
  • Habitat ReStores, Goodwill stores, and others who resell furniture to support their humanitarian missions.
  • Furniture banks that place IRN furnishings with low income residents.

Surplus Items for Reuse

  • Residential furnishings – living, dining, kitchen, study
  • Student desks and chairs; Other classroom furnishings
  • Bookshelves, storage cabinets
  • Kitchen and cafeteria equipment and furnishings
  • Laboratory furnishings and equipment
  • Medical and patient room supplies and furnishings

How does the IRN Reuse Program work?

The process is simple. Let us know what you want. We’ll tell you when we have it. We’ll set up the project.

If we haven’t worked with you before, we ask you to fill out a Wish List that gives us an idea of the types and quantities of materials you’re looking for and where it’s going.

Any time you have a specific need, you can contact IRN.

We do this two ways. First, we match projects against your Wish List, and let you know when we have surplus that matches your needs. Second, every week we update the upcoming projects list; you can look at the project list at any time to review upcoming projects and match them against your needs..

We’ve done this hundreds of times. From the recipient’s perspective, it’s really simple.

Here's what IRN does:

  • Hire and schedule moving crews
  • Work with you to set up transportation
  • Remove surplus from its locations and sort out and dispose of items that aren't suitable for reuse
  • Pack trailers and containers professionally so that items travel undamaged
  • Complete all paperwork, attach customs seals, and dispatch the shipment to your destination.

Here's what you do:

  • Receive and unpack the shipment.

It is, in fact, that simple. IRN realized years ago that the reason surplus wasn’t flowing, even though it was desperately needed, was that neither generators nor recipients had the skills, time, or resources to match the right surplus with the right recipients, or to manage the transfer efficiently and cost effectively. That’s what we do.

IRN provides recipients with an inventory and valuation for each shipment. We also want to be sure you are satisfied and ask you to complete a feedback form. Better yet, send some photos of your furnishings and equipment in use. When projects come up with inventories that are a good match for you, we'll be sure to let you know.

When the proposal is signed, we reconfirm start date and time, project duration, and logistics details (access to buildings, keys, local and emergency contacts, etc.). We schedule moving crews and confirm crew size. And we schedule the trailers or shipping containers that will take the surplus away.

Getting Started

Are you in need of surplus furniture or equipment? Get started as an IRN recipient by giving us your wish list. give us your wish list