“IRN has handled surplus from over a dozen Emerson buildings on some of the busiest streets in the city, including buildings without elevators, buildings without loading docks, kitchens, TV studios, structures where they’ve had to call in cranes and rigging crews. Whatever the situation, they’ve worked it out.”

Margaret Rogan
Emerson College
Boston, MA

"We’ve made a real effort to track all wastes and recycled materials leaving campus. With IRN’s surplus program, we know by item and weight what materials are recycled or reused, and just as important, where everything goes.”

Gerry Boyle
Boston College

“I am very happy to have found a solid resource that not only recycles, but whom works with a network of global charities to put excess office product to practicable use. IRN is truly one of those hidden gems.”

Regional Facilitites Manager
Fortune 500 Corporation

“When we heard that the IRN can handle ‘just about anything’, we decided to give them a try on our stadium. They found a new home for our Astroturf football field in 2003, and this past summer, they found places for everything we pulled out in our sound system upgrade- speakers, electronics and even the flagpoles and speaker mounts. It couldn’t have gone smoother.”

Don Woodring
Boston College

“We used IRN’s Surplus Program initially due to the large cost savings we gained compared to our standard disposal process. Middlebury’s cost to manage surplus for reuse was about 40% less than what we budgeted for disposal, and we know it went to satisfy the needs of those affected by natural disasters. It’s a huge double benefit for our campus.”

Linda Ross
Middlebury College

“Our used furniture went to economic relief efforts in Nigeria and Romania, orphanages in Guatemala, a school for at-risk teenagers in Virginia, and hurricane relief in Louisiana and Mississippi. There’s no better message, socially or environmentally, that we can give our students, staff, faculty, or alumni.”

Tom Emmons
Sr. Project Mgr.
Princeton University

“When we reviewed the cost of disposal compared to reuse and donation, we were surprised to find how much less it cost to use IRN. The choice to make use of IRN was therefore very easy. In addition to financial benefits, the removal project took no more time, flowed very smoothly with IRN’s organization, has improved our community relations on and off campus, and items which otherwise would have been lost to the landfills are now continuing to be of use to people that really need them.”

David Bates
Massachusetts State College
Building Authority


“All of us at Teen Challenge would like to thank you, and your donor, for the amazing furniture donation.  It is not an exageration to say that the generosity of this donation is truly overwhelming!  We're so excited to be able to use these pieces to create comfortable living spaces in each of our current residential centers.”

Teen Challenge Donations Coordinator
NorWest Cal Nevada
read in full

“Even the library where students and staff have all benefitted from desks and seating from IRN and Columbia. Before, there were few tables where the students could read and write. Now there are enough for all students using the library.”

Alberto Cabrales School
read in full

“This donation provided high-quality furnishings at just the right time and eliminated more than $200,000 in costs. The savings will be invested directly in staff, equipment, and technology for our students. This is truly a stroke of good fortune.”

CEO, Charter School

“The Rafaella Dervalles School was filled with broken, repaired desks and chairs, and there were not enough; so students had to share. Columbia’s furniture made it possible for every student to have their own desk.”

Rafaela Dervalles School

“The furniture saved our school an estimated $45,000 to $50,000. The furniture is high quality and the kids and staff are all very appreciative. This truly has a significant impact on our school.”

Superintendent, Tribal School
Washington State

“I am very happy with my new chair. We always had to work on a broken chair or a chair without a writing board which made the work harder. This is a gift from God, because we have never received such an important support as this.”

Tijerino School
read in full

"I am very grateful to you for sending us the office furniture. We feel very comfortable when working with this furniture. Thank you very much for your kindness and your support to our work here in Viet Nam for the benefits of the young people."

Salesian Priest
Viet Nam

“In the past, the few pieces of furniture I had were infested with termites and falling to pieces.... Thank you all very much. I pray that God’s richest blessings will continue to flow on you, giving you the strength to do the good work that you are doing. In fact, my thanks to you extend beyond my heart.”

Spring Pass/Hampstead
read in full

“...we appreciate you so much as all these have been made possible by your support, and we salute you for the wonderful works that you are providing to the many vulnerable, by touching their lives worldwide. God bless you all for participating in this noble work.”

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