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The Institution Recycling Network
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Concord, NH (September 16, 2013) – Through the end of August 2013, IRN – The
Recycling Network has provided more than 5.1 million pounds of surplus
furniture and equipment to charities in the United State and overseas.  The
nearly 71,500 pieces of surplus filled 382 tractor trailers, which were sent
to charities in eleven countries in Asia and the Americas, and to seven U.S.

IRN works with schools, hospitals, and businesses throughout the U.S. to
match excess furniture and other assets with nonprofit relief and
development agencies.  IRN’s mission is to assure that usable surplus is
reused where it is desperately needed, rather than being discarded.  In 2013
through August, IRN has managed reuse projects for 92 different
organizations in twenty states from Massachusetts to California.  These
include colleges and universities such as Rutgers, Georgetown, and the
University of Notre Dame, corporations including Chevron, Siemens, and John
Hancock, large healthcare organizations, and much smaller organizations like
Deerfield Academy, The Fenn School, and local K-12 schools.

For all of these organizations, reuse provides a combination of social,
environmental, and financial benefits.  “This is a program with nothing but
winners,” says Dr. Brenda Moeder, University of Central Missouri.  “The
University saves money, diverting material from landfill is a benefit to the
environment, and most important our furniture is provided where it will be
used and appreciated for years to come.”

According to Dana Draper, IRN’s head of Operations, the program is expanding
rapidly.  “More and more organizations are coming to understand that reuse
isn’t just a feel-good thing,” he says.  “Every organization has surplus
that needs to disappear.  Reuse turns surplus from a social and
environmental liability into an asset, and costs less than throwing it away.
When that realization clicks, we get the call.”

About IRN

IRN – The Recycling Network is a recycling firm based in Concord, NH.  A
major part of IRN’s mission is to place surplus furniture and equipment from
schools, hospitals, government agencies, and corporations with charities in
the U.S. and overseas.  Since 2002 IRN has placed nearly 50 million pounds
of surplus with charities.  Apart from environmental and social benefits,
the cost of placing surplus for reuse through IRN is typically 20% to 40%
less than the cost of throwing the same material in dumpsters.  IRN welcomes
contact from any organization that has surplus which needs to be discarded.