Between June 4 and 8, 2018 IRN handled 12 projects for corporate, healthcare, and education clients in seven states from California to Massachusetts.

May and June are IRN’s busiest months.  On Monday, June 4 we kicked off a two-week project at Iowa State, loaded mattresses from Montclair State in New Jersey, and fired up two K-12 projects in Colorado.  By the end of the week we’d handled those and eight more projects:  corporate loadouts in California and Massachusetts, two more K-12 projects in Colorado and Massachusetts, a hospital in Colorado, and three more colleges in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

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In the course of the five days IRN loaded 10,501 pieces including nearly 2,000 student desks and work tables, 4,300 chairs, 700 dressers and wardrobes, 525 bookshelves and storage cabinets, 720 beds, and 1,200 mattresses.

From June 4 to June 8 IRN loaded and shipped 55 tractor-trailers through nonprofit organizations to recipients in ten countries and five U.S. states. Each star represents one tractor-trailer.

The shipments were provided to eight different charities, and ultimately distributed in 10 different countries in Africa, the Mideast, the Caribbean, and Central America, and to U.S. nonprofits in Colorado, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, and New York.  The large number of shipments to Jamaica were destined for a warehouse from which one of our charitable partners distributes relief and development supplies to countries throughout the Caribbean.

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