IRN's Leadership

Mark Lennon, President & CEO

Before founding IRN, Mark was recycling coordinator and head of planning and community assistance for the State of New Hampshire. He was responsible for outreach and networking, promoting commercial sector recycling, market development, and developing the State’s first statewide plan to achieve a legislated 40% recycling target. In earlier work, Mark was a consultant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other public and private clients in solid and hazardous waste and energy issues.  He graduated from Dartmouth College and has a Master’s degree in Ecosystems Research from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Dana Draper, COO & Director of Business Development

Our Chief Operating Officer Dana Draper also has a deep background in sustainability. Before teaming up with Mark, Dana was the executive director and board member of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association. In this position he focused on expansion and consolidation of growth in core programs, and designed a division of the NRRA to meet the recycling needs of the NH business community. He also has a rich understanding of logistics after working as a rates specialist, data operations manager, and fleet operations manager for 13 years. He focused in Advanced solar technical engineering at Foothills College, and Architecture at the University of Massachusetts.