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Looking for More Charitable Partners

BY MARK LENNON ON June 30, 2016

We’re looking for more partners Since 2002 IRN has provided more than 5,200 trailers and shipping containers filled with furnishings and equipment to nonprofit organizations working in 52 countries around [...] [Continue Reading...]

A Day in the Life. IRN, May 27, 2016

BY MARK LENNON ON june 23, 2016

In 2015 IRN provided more than 600 tractor-trailer-loads of furnishings to nonprofit organizations in 26 US States and 29 countries. In 2016 we’re on track to far surpass that total. How do we get there? What is it that IRN  [...] [Continue Reading...]

It’s Not About the Furniture

BY MARK LENNON ON April 12, 2016

I recently had the good fortune to travel a stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia. If you have never driven the Blue Ridge Parkway, you should. It is one of the two or three most beautiful roads I have ever seen. [...] [Continue Reading...]

School Desks and Chairs – The Simplest, Most Important Resource


Around the world, hundreds of millions of children are missing the most basic elements for an education: a desk and a chair. Here in America, thousands of charter and tribal schools, community centers [...] [Continue Reading...]

More States, More Countries, More Tons, More Trailers

BY MARK LENNON ON February 24, 2016

In the fourteen years that we’ve been handling surplus, 2015 was IRN’s busiest. We filled just about 600 tractor trailers with more than 122,000 pieces destined for reuse, and we recycled another 900,000 pounds [...] [Continue Reading...]

Trees and Trucks – True Tales


Then there was the time we were doing a project at a prestigious New England college that will remain nameless. For many, many years this college was all shaded with elm trees. Then the elm trees died [...] [Continue Reading...]