IRN's Core Values

Managing surplus for reuse maximizes the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. Reuse is the right thing to do in all respects:


    Reuse places usable products into the hands of people who don’t have the choice to buy new; without your surplus, they would have nothing at all. Placed for reuse, surplus from U.S. schools, businesses, and healthcare organizations will be used for years to come.


    For good reasons, the recycling hierarchy is “Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle.” Reuse conserves natural resources and raw materials, and eliminates the environmental and energy impacts of manufacturing new products. Most IRN projects divert 100% from disposal: 90%+ to reuse, and almost all of the rest to recycling.


    Across many projects, generators have documented that managing surplus for reuse generally costs 10% to 30% less than throwing it away. Efficiency is a big reason: one trailer packed for reuse holds as much as three or four 30-cubic yard rolloff containers, and it takes no more time (often less) to load for reuse than to throw items out..

Our commitment is to assure that all surplus reaches its best and highest use, socially and environmentally, at a cost that – at worst – is no more than throwing it away.